Kicks For Kids – What Type Of Sandals, Shoes, And Boots Are Best For Kids

Kicks For Kids – What Type Of Sandals, Shoes, And Boots Are Best For Kids

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UGG Australia has made a name for itself as a maker of fashionable, luxury shoes for the high-end fashion industry, but there is another side to the popular maker of the ultimate in luxury shoes. UGG also makes some of the most distinctive and comfortable shoes, boots and slippers for your kids. If you are looking for the ultimate in pampering for your little one’s feet, look no further than UGG’s line of kids’ kicks.

Why UGG Sheepskin for Kids?

Kids love the look and feel of UGG boots, slippers and casual shoes. The all natural materials wear like iron, and fit like their own skin. Sheepskin’s natural thermal properties keep feet toasty warm in the coldest weather, and cool when the weather gets warm. To top it all off, sheepskin will mold to fit your kids’ feet comfortably, and you will get seasons of wear from one pair of shoes. UGG boots and shoes will be your kids’ favorites, bar none. You are not just buying a pair of shoes, your making an investment.

The Littlest UGG’s

Australian sheepskin has had a long reputation as being good for babies. In the 70s, Australian sheepskin was renowned as the ideal baby mattress topper, offering warmth, comfort and natural insulation to keep the sweat away from a baby’s tender skin. UGG uses the finest sheepskin in making Infant UGG’s in several different styles. The UGG infant line includes booties and boots that are designed to pamper baby’s delicate feet. Whether you choose the UGG crochet bootie with a crocheted top and sheepskin bottom or the rugged Infant Boo style, you cannot do better than a pair of baby UGG’s. Infant styles start at just $60 a pair.

Toddling Along in UGG’s

Toddlers are up and moving about, and sheepskin puts their feet into the ultimate in luxurious comfort. The UGG toddler line mixes just-for-baby styles with just-like-mommy look-alikes so that you can dress your little one in the style that suits her best. UGG casuals for little ones include sandals with great foot support, clogs and moccasins for pure comfort and copies of adult classics like the Mini Loaf and the Tamina. The boots in the line let you dress your darling in styles just like yours with Toddler Crochet, Classic Tall and the Toddler Mini. For girls, UGG makes a darling baby pink slip-on patterned with baby blue and yellow bubbles. Prices start at $30 for the Fluffie, a slip on beachcomber sandal.

UGG Kids Styles

The UGG line for kids includes boots, casuals and slippers, many of them miniature styles of the grownup versions worn by mom and dad. The line features four boot styles, including the Kids Crochet boot, with its funky, chunky style that is perfect with jeans and casual wear and the UGG Classic, with sleeker styling. The UGG Butte is a rugged mountain boot style that’s perfect for boys or girls, comfortable and warm with a dash of style.

UGG Kids Casuals include a variety of styles that range from the new UGG beach thong to moccasins and loafers. All UGG styles for kids are made of 100% natural materials including linen, jute, rubber, suede and, of course, sheepskin. The beach thong styles feature uppers that are comfortably padded with sheepskin, and the inner soles are covered with suede or sheepskin for comfort and fit. UGG kid casuals are priced from $30 to $50.

UGG slippers for kids are scaled down versions of adult slipper styles, but the sheepskin makes them a perfect fit for their age group. So far, UGG is offering four slipper styles for the little ones in sizes from toddler 13 to kids 6. The kids’ Scuff Romeo is a classic style that suitable for a girl or a boy. The slip-on styling and sheepskin inner makes these the most comfortable slippers imaginable. For a bit more sophisticated styling, turn to the Mini Moc, UGG Australia’s classically styled driving moccasin, scaled down for little feet. Crafted of high quality suede and lined with foot-pampering sheepskin, the Mini Moc comes in black, brown and orchid so you can choose the one that suits your child the best.