Women’s Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo

Women’s Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo

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The Fashion house of Salvatore Ferragamo is widely believed to one of the best designer footwear retailers in the world today. Ferragamo shoes are on par with with even products from Jimmy Choo. Most that keep in touch with the fashion world would know this. But for those that don’t, here’s a brief rundown of the brand. Salvatore Ferragamo, who was of Italian descent, was born on the June the 5th, 1898. He came from a very large family comprised of 13 siblings and is the founder of the brand. His passion for designing luxury shoes started when he made his first pair of shoes for his sister’s confirmation ceremony at the age of nine.

7 years later however, he relocated to Hollywood California and got a taste of success. This brilliant man opened a shoe shop in Hollywood specializing in shoe repair and custom footwear production. These custom shoes eventually gained a surge in popularity with the celebrities of the times which eventually led him to design footwear for the cinema business. He was so well known in that regard that he nicknamed “Shoemaker to the Stars” at the time. Being the perfectionist that he was however, Mr. Ferragamo could not be fully satisfied with his products.

He set forth figuring out why his designs, glamorous as they were, hurt the feet of the wearer. As such, he headed off to the University of Southern California to study the human anatomy in an attempt to solve this problem. After his 13th year in the United States, Ferragamo returned to his homeland of Italy where he continued his trade in Florence for some of the most powerful and influential women of the time. By the1950’s, Ferragamo shoes had a workforce amounting to over 700 craftsmen producing 350 pairs of hand-made Ferragamo shoes on a daily basis.

By this period, Salvadore Ferragamo was widely considered a visionary in the fashion industry. Sadly, he passed away in 1960 at the age of 62. He had already revolutionized the footwear industry with numerous innovations he implemented in his designs. One of the most well-known of these innovations is the wedge heel which is essentially a form of platform heels for women. Most women agree that wedge heels are most definitely more comfortable than conventional heels and are found to provide better arch support for the wearer’s foot.

Other innovations by Ferragamo involved metal-reinforced heels. His other creations include the gloved arch shoe (designed specifically for the Maharani of Cooch Behar), the sock-shoe, sculpture heels, a sandal made of 18-carat gold and the Cage Heel. After the passing of Salvadore Ferragamo, the company was taken over by his widow Wanda who expanded the company’s field to other women’s luxury items (more good news for women).

After this, Salvadore’s elder daughter, Fiamma, who had supposedly inherited her father’s talent, designed the imminently successful Vara pumps. As such, the Ferragamo family is still very much in charge of the company’s legacy and are still creating dream footwear for women globally. The success of the company is such that Ferragamo shoes are sold all over the world with 58 shops in Europe and numerous more points of sales in North America, Asia and Latin America.